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    Kitchen accessories

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    CJJJCFCF00244-8pcs value set + CJJJCFCJ00673-Black + CJJJJTCF00569-Wood color

    8-inch chef's knife (Blade: 20.9cm, total length 33.2cm)

    Meat cutter´╝łBlade: 19.7cm, total length 32.5cm´╝ë

    7-inch Japanese style´╝łBlade: 17.5cm, total length 30.7cm´╝ë

    Small vegetable knife´╝łBlade: 17.5cm, total length 30.5cm´╝ë

    Boning Knife

    bread knife´╝łBlade: 20cm, total length 32cm´╝ë

    5-inch Japanese style´╝łBlade: 12.5cm, total length 23.9cm´╝ë

    3.5-inch fruit peel knife´╝łBlade: 9.5cm, total length 20.5cm´╝ë

    The material of the above 8-piece set is 4cr13mov

    Blade: 19.5cm, total length 34cm´╝îMaterial: Damascus steel

    Material: Damascus steel

    Blade: 18cm, total length 29.2cm´╝îMaterial: High carbon steel

    The above lengths are all manually measured and there may be some errors