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    Noise reduction of professional earphone

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    Experience superior audio quality with our top professional earphones featuring advanced noise reduction technology. Designed for professionals and audiophiles, these earphones provide clear and immersive sound, making them ideal for noisy environments or critical listening sessions. Comfortable and stylish, they are perfect for extended wear. Elevate your audio experience with the top professional earphones that deliver exceptional noise reduction without compromising on sound quality.

    Our professional earphones feature advanced noise reduction technology, providing an immersive listening experience. Designed for professionals, these earphones ensure superior sound quality and comfort in any environment. With their ergonomic design and exceptional noise reduction capabilities, these professional earphones are a must-have. Experience the best noise reduction of professional earphone with our top-rated models today.

    How to choose noise reduction earphones for professionals,Top-rated professional earphones for noise reduction

    Microphone: 5.7mm * 5, 2mm ± 0.5mm 
    Voltage: 3.7V

    Working current: 300mah-1000ma
    Environmental noise: ≤ 60dB (a)
    Receiver impedance: 150 ohm
    Microphone sensitivity: 36 ± 3dB
    Computer USB interface
    Earphone cable: 1.8m ± 0.2m (curved rope)
    Weight of single bare machine: 0.14kg
    Single gross weight: 0.185kg
    Single package size: 17.4cm * 14.5cm * 7cm