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    S8 Retro Nostalgic Handheld Game Console

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    Step back in time with our Retro Nostalgic Handheld Game Console. This portable device brings back the classic gaming experience with a selection of timeless games. Whether you're a fan of platformers, puzzles, or arcade classics, our Retro Nostalgic Handheld Game Console offers something for everyone. Enjoy hours of entertainment on the go or at home with this compact and stylish console. Get your hands on nostalgia today with the Retro Nostalgic Handheld Game Console.

    Product information:

    Model: S8 singles blue, S8 singles black, S8 singles military green, S8 doubles blue, S8 doubles military green, S8 doubles black, S5 singles green, S5 singles pink, S5 singles grey, S5 doubles green, S5 doubles pink, S5 doubles grey
    Operating system: 8bit
    Memory: 520 games
    Interface type: USB
    Video/audio interface: AV cable
    Connection mode: Wired
    Product size: 136 * 68 * 18.5mm
    Product weight: 150g
    Package list: Host+battery+AV cable+charging cable+manual+color box



    1. Play games for two。The game is more exciting when played with partners
    2. Super capacity battery6-7 hours of continuous playRecyclable charging, super long endurance, and endless passion


    Packing list:

    1*Host+battery+AV cable+charging cable+manual+color box