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    Wireless Wake-up Burst SwitchPRO Bluetooth Transparent Lighted Gamepad

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    Product information:

    Product name: SWITCH wireless bluetooth handle wake up (YS01)
    1. This Pro handle is compatible with the switch host, and also supports Windows computers and Android devices.
    2. There is no need to load any driver, and the handle can be used after connecting with the host.
    3. Wireless connection, strong anti-interference ability, stable connection signal, and free control.
    4. This handle supports the gyroscope axis function, and supports dual motors and dual vibration functions.
    5. Up to 8 wireless controllers can be connected to the host at the same time.
    6. Support continuous shooting and its shooting clear function.
    7. Ergonomic design and lightweight handle structure make the player feel comfortable.
    Product use:
    1. Connect to the host via wireless Bluetooth:
    A. Connect the handle to the host for the first time: 1. Pair with the host and press the key combination of the corresponding mode to wake up the handle for 1 second, the corresponding mode LED flashes quickly (the LED flashes at a speed of about 0.25 seconds), and the handle enters the pairing state 1). Shut down Press the "Y+HOME" button for 1 second in the state, it is in Switch mode, LED1-LED4 flashes cyclically, and the corresponding channel light is always on after the connection is successful
    2. Press and hold the "X+HOME" button for 1 second in the shutdown state, which is the Android Gamepad mode, corresponding to LED1. Note: After the controller enters the pairing mode, it will automatically sleep if it fails to pair successfully within 2.5 minutes.

    Product Description:
    A set of standard equipment: handle + charging cable + manual + color box + cover
    1.600 mAh (Seiko) battery (25 days standby / 8-10 hours of game play)
    2. Double motors
    3. With somatosensory six axis
    4. With T burst function and vibration adjustment
    5. Without NFC (with wake-up function)
    Single product:
    Bare metal size: 15.6*10.2*6.5
    Bare metal weight: 204g
    Packing size: 16.2*11.2*6.8
    Package weight: 293g

    Packing list:

    Handle*1, charging cable*1, manual*1, color box*1