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    Handheld Wireless Vaccum Cleaner With Foldable Tube

    单价  为了 

    Three-in-one for a vehicle, home, and mite removal
    LED front lighting, clean and no dead ends
    Two-speed adjustment to solve various cleaning problems
    150W powerful power, powerful dual motors
    Five-layer filter system, more thorough cleaning
    The electric mite removing brush removes dust, dander, mites, etc. hidden deep in the quilt and mattress
    Carbon fiber floor brushes can prevent pets from entanglement and care for the floor


    Battery data: Lithium 18650, 22,2 V / 2200 mAh,5C
    Rated voltage: 100-240V/50Hz
    Charging time: 4 – 5 hours
    Suction: 6,5 Kpa (low-end); 9Kpa (high-end)
    Working hours: 30-35 min (6.5Kpa); 18-22 min (9Kpa)
    Rated power: 120W
    Electric floor brush motor power: 20W
    Cleaning efficiency: 20 dm³ / s
    Product noise: 75dB
    Dust collection method: dust cup
    Dust collection capacity: 0.5L
    Product category and cleaning category: wireless handheld vacuum cleaner; dry
    Cleaning mode: 2 Gear (high-end, low-end)
    Filtering method: HEPA filter

    Package Content :
    Vacuum Cleaner x1

    Packing list: