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    Mobile Indoor Negative Ion Air Purifier Disinfection Machine

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    Product information:

    Rated voltage: 110/220V~50/60Hz
    Rated power: 125W
    Main material: safe and environmentally friendly ABS material
    color: White
    Control method: touch point selection/infrared remote control
    Noise: 35-55db
    Solid pollutant CADR: 400m³/h
    Applicable area: 40-60m²

    Negative ion output: 75 million/cm³/s
    Timing time: 1H-24H
    Sterilization and disinfection principle: filter through ultraviolet radiation combined with HEPA filter
    Function: negative ion, composite filter (primary filter + HEPA + activated carbon)
    Products can be used in: schools, families, old homes, restaurants, kTV, restaurants, offices and other places

    Size Information:

    Packing list:

    Air Purifier *1

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